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  • Min Invest: $25
  • Min Withdraw: $0.10/.0005 BTC
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  • Referral: 8%-3%-1%-1%
  • 183%
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  • Running: 40 days
  • Monitored: 40 days
  • Last Payouts: Jul 11th, 2021
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Investment Plans 108% after 10 Calendar Days | 4.5% daily for 30 Business Days | more Weakly & Monthly Plans
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Rating Info Comment
Very Good xxxxx@gmail.com
110.54.185.xxx (PH)
Jul 23rd, 2021 18:24:54
Very good
Very Good RTatsianaV
178.168.212.xxx (BY)
Jul 23rd, 2021 17:49:28
Good project! Received Payment 3.38 USD from account U29427030 to account U2******9. Batch: 407526266. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 39756, RTatsianaV.
Very Good xxxxx@gmail.com
188.165.210.xxx (FR)
Jul 22nd, 2021 23:07:09
Very Good htebf
103.155.223.xxx (IN)
Jul 21st, 2021 05:24:55
received 19th withdrawal from Cointerra recommended site for a mid term
Good bardas
213.87.123.xxx (RU)
Jul 20th, 2021 06:45:10
Received Payment 1.55 USD from account U30581836. Memo: API Payment. RCB FROM: HYIP DIRECTION SENT TO: bardas PROJECT: CoinTERRA.
Very Good Jordan123
39.33.249.xxx (PK)
Jul 14th, 2021 08:31:49
Hello, ///****Your withdrawal of 4.5 USD (batch: 404925645) to your wallet U2******* PerfectMoney has been confirmed successfully. To see the details of this operation go link Best regards, CoinTERRA team
171.229.124.xxx (VN)
Jul 12th, 2021 20:26:50
Thanks admin HD great project
Very Good Digerian76
111.119.187.xxx (PK)
Jul 12th, 2021 16:05:33
The amount of 108 USD has been deposited to your account.Accounts: U29427030->U******. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 27198, *******.. Date: 13:03 12.07.21. Batch: 405465191.
Very Good xxxxx@hyip-direction.com
Jul 11th, 2021 19:55:29
Payment Received
Good Rein2486
118.99.107.xxx (ID)
Jul 11th, 2021 17:02:59
The amount of 4.5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U29427030->U2925. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 24455, Rein2486.. Date: 16:22 08.07.21.
Very Good Maximus19
114.142.173.xxx (ID)
Jul 11th, 2021 15:26:42
Long term project. Hope for the best
Very Good Anik1234
103.146.16.xxx (BD)
Jul 11th, 2021 11:41:35
Eagarly waiting for last long
Good Joefic
197.210.29.xxx (NG)
Jul 2nd, 2021 23:20:09
Good project
Very Good Zubairna
39.42.85.xxx (PK)
Jun 29th, 2021 01:15:49
Nice project
Good Behzad
119.160.58.xxx (PK)
Jun 28th, 2021 08:52:52
423 Trx withdraw received thanks
Very Good Gold28
157.49.192.xxx (IN)
Jun 28th, 2021 08:04:04
Gud site.
Good saadmymon
137.59.222.xxx (PK)
Jun 27th, 2021 20:13:07
Sat and Sun is off but paying good.
Very Good Alchz
125.165.109.xxx (ID)
Jun 27th, 2021 12:26:10
So good
Good InvestLeader1
37.111.136.xxx (PK)
Jun 27th, 2021 08:42:07
Cointerra is a good long/middle term project!
Good awwdzz111
103.96.37.xxx (BD)
Jun 24th, 2021 21:29:27
Fav admin
Very Bad Babar238
111.119.187.xxx (PK)
Jun 23rd, 2021 15:20:16
Very good
Good ahabir8282
103.96.37.xxx (BD)
Jun 20th, 2021 19:40:31
good site
Good sabawasif
203.175.72.xxx (PK)
Jun 20th, 2021 14:37:56
Good programme
Very Good Smarkj442
103.255.7.xxx (PK)
Jun 20th, 2021 13:34:52
Thanks admin HD great project
Very Good Boybtc
177.13.26.xxx (BR)
Jun 19th, 2021 16:53:26
Good profit
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